Tuesday, July 21, 2015

God Won't Be Blessing This America

It's really sick that I even have to write these words.

God won't be blessing this America.

We can sing it every seventh inning until the Lord returns, but it's just a nice sounding chorus at this point. Yea, we just celebrated another 4th of July a few weeks ago, but take a look at what's going on around us.

Sex changes given courage awards. Homosexuality celebrated by the Courts and the White House. Islam being embraced by our leaders. Christians being targeted left and right.

And now babies arms, legs, hearts, and skin being sold - over dinner?! Really?!?! And even more for a fully intact body; meaning it wasn't shredded by the vacuum that in most cases rips the baby a part while it screams in the womb? Yea, lots more for those apparently. So much so that the seller can get her own high dollar sports car one day.

Only God can help us when we kill babies by the millions and then turn even more profits by selling them in bags. Hitler was bad, but this is much, much worse.

This is your America. This is my America. And it's our fault that it has come to this.

For decades weak Christians have stood by the political wayside and watched our nation be torn to shreds by evil, ungodly intentions of progressive liberalism. Many don't even vote, much less care. They live their own little lives claiming they will simply "show others around them love and grace", yet few really do and church goers are dwindling by the millions a year. Fewer are getting saved and American Christians have become less involved and more apathetic to it all.

No, we can't legislate morality or Christianity for that matter, but we certainly can do our part and stand against immortality and anti-Christianity can't we?

Well, we better. Because when God asks each of us what we did with the good thing He entrusted us with called America, it will be us standing there saying..."we didn't care, didn't want to get involved, didn't want to make a stink, didn't want to hurt any feelings and didn't want to deal with it."

Remember the parable of the talents? Don't doubt that applies to all good things He gives us to care for and watch over.

God won't be blessing America until America gets back to being what He set it out to be.

And that means we are on the clock.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance."
Psalm 33:12

 © 2015, J. Brady
"I say it how I see it and I make no bones about it."

Brady Speers is a father of four that lives with his wife Julie in the Dallas Metroplex. He is a retirement income planner, an avid part time photographer and writer and loves all things Dallas Cowboys. He and his wife are also passionate supporters of adoption and are in the process of adopting their second son. 

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